Relationship Services

About Relationship Services

relationship services support and education

Relationship Services is a non government organisation. Above all, we provide skilled relationship support and education services. In the past 15 years we have helped thousands of individuals, couples and families in New Zealand.

We are experts in helping people create satisfying relationships:

  • Individuals, couples and families
  • Relationships with friends and colleagues
  • Most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself

Our relationship services include face-to-face support (through video conferencing) phone support and also online programmes. Easily access our services from the comfort of your home, office or car from anywhere in New Zealand or around the world. There is no issue related to relating which fazes us in the least!

What do we offer?

At Relationship Services we see the main cause of society’s issues stem from isolation and loneliness. These have been proven to finally lead to heart disease, diabetes and early death (especially suicide).

So often, people don’t know how to deal with their circumstances and the resulting emotions. As a result, they lose control over their actions, therefore saying and doing things totally out of character. Rather than feel like they belong, they start feeling alone and lonely.

Most relationship breakdown is a result of triggered emotions. Hence, when you can deal with these, you can deal with life and in contrast, your life becomes much more enjoyable.

relationship services helps people relate

We guide people through relationship problems and breakdown. Helping defeat family violence, suicidal thoughts, addiction, depression, isolation and anxiety. As a result, we help you become in charge of your life.

Above all, you need to be in charge of your emotions so you can relate and get what you want. Rather than argue your point. We can teach you how to do this so you can be happy and the people around you will profit too.

Our Courses include our proven Emotional Reset Technique. Firstly, this program enables you to both deal with your emotional triggers. Secondly, it helps you reprogram your brain towards being the best version of yourself. As a result you will more easily get on with others.

The best way to contact Relationship Services is simply to dial 0800 RELATE (735283). Or you can type 0800 RELATE into your browser. Please book a complimentary session here to see if we’re a good fit.

We’re #1 for helping you solve your relationship challenges and getting your life back on track.