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About Relationships That Work

What Do We Know About Relationships That Work?

What makes the difference between a terrific relationship and a miserable one? Experienced couple counsellors share their wisdom. We have a look at what relationship researchers and writers can tell us.

Couple Disagreements are Normal

Our research shows that ongoing disagreements are a normal part of 77% of relationships. Find out more about how New Zealand couples deal with disagreements.

Relationships Survey

We’ve done some of our own research about relationships. We surveyed 1000 NewZealanders about their experiences. This survey gives us a picture of what is working well in our relationships and what causes tension. It also gives us some ideas about what helps people to get through the rough patches in their relationships.

Lend Your Partner An Ear
Listening With Your HeartAfter working with many couples, Hal Kennedy suggests that the quality of your listening is vital to your relationship. Hal has been counselling couples and individuals working on their relationships for more than ten years.

Relationships: Does advice help?
Everyone has an opinion about relationships, but does advice help?

Health and Well being study
Researchers have devoted decades to understanding what leads some people to be healthier than others. However, most people have only studied disease and disorder and failed to also address strengths and wellbeing.

How ready are you for a committed relationship?
When you’re wondering whether your relationship is a good candidate for a long-term commitment there’s a lot to take into account. This checklist focuses on maturity in a number of different areas.

Good relationship important for satisfying sex
Relationship and SexNew Zealander’s relationships are thriving, and a satisfying sex life is an important contributor, according to a survey just released by Relationships Aotearoa. 67% of people said they were satisfied with the sexual aspects of their relationship, while 83% were satisfied with their relationship overall.

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