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If you are looking for relationship advice, then you are on the right page. While relationships can be quite complex, we can give you a few pointers on the relationship advice to give a friend or a loved one.

Long Term Relationship Advice

The problem nowadays is that people are too quick to give up on long term relationships. The best relationship advice for couples is to work on your long term relationship. You have put a lot of effort into it thus far, so why should you give up on it?

You may not be able to solve every relationship problem. If you have been the victim of abuse, or maybe your partner has cheated on you, then you need to look at the lack of boundaries you may not have.

However, if you have small arguments now and then, you will usually be able to solve the problem. Sometimes all it takes is the two of you sitting down and working through the problems that you have. Have an honest talk. If you are able to see the problem from the point of view of the other person, you have already take the first step to rectify the problem.

Relationship Advice with a Counsellor

One of the best options for relationship advice is to get to a counsellor. There is nothing necessarily wrong with going to a counsellor, it demonstrates that you care about trying to save your relationship.

The major benefit of a counsellor is that you will have somebody there who is willing to allow the two of you to talk through your problems. They will act as a mediator. You will be surprised at how many relationships can be saved like this. Alhough not all relationships can be saved. In some relationships, the differences are too drastic that saving it would not be for the benefit of anybody.

Short Term Relationship Advice

Short term Relationship Advice
If you are in a short term relationship, then you are in a position where the two of you are still getting to know one another. It is likely that differences of opinion will crop up. You may have different opinions on the way in which you see life going (babies, for instance, may be a sticking point for you). In some cases, you may find that you do not have the same interests as the other person. In other cases, you may just not like spending time with them.

We are going to be honest with you here. If you are in a short term relationship and you really do not see the whole thing working due to your differences, then you should consider going your separate ways before you become too emotionally involved.

The importance of a short term relationship is to see if you are a good match for one another. Keep in mind that emotional triggers are like time bombs waiting to go off. The closer we become to someone, the more important it is to deal with your emotional triggers so they don’t ruin your relationship. We can help you with this.

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