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Relationship checklist

Relationship Checklist

Relationship Checklist

There are many factors that determine if your relationship is healthy or not, some are simple and easy to see and some are complicated and hard to notice. We have sourced out some of the main points that determine if your relationship is working well or not. Compare your relationship with the relationship checklist and see how well your relationship is doing.

Use these guidelines to contrast  a healthy relationship with one that’s at risk.

When your relationship is working well:

  • You like each other and you say so. You keep your friendship warm and lively.
  • Compliments and encouragement are plentiful. Criticism is not what you’re there for.
  • You give each other credit when things go well. When things go wrong you put it down to bad luck or a mistake rather than your partner’s deliberate effort to hurt you.
  • If it matters to one of you, it matters in the relationship. You make room for each other’s views even when you disagree. You don’t have to shrink to fit in.
  • You spend more time looking at your own part in a problem than in blaming your partner for their part.
  • When you say or do something that hurts your partner, you say sorry and mean it.
  • Conflict is about sorting an issue, not bad mouthing a person.
  • You keep connected with each other. You know the detail of each others lives and hopes. You tell each other what you really feel, even if it’s hard.

Warning signs / critical factors that undermine relationships

All relationships have ups and downs. Some of these patterns will feature in most relationships at times. But if these patterns are taking over your relationship, you need to take action now to ensure they don’t permanently damage you and those you love.

  • Criticism comes easier than compliments.
  • Complaints shift from what happened to who’s to blame and why they’re bad.
  • Sneering, sniping and putdowns become a regular thing.
  • Coldness, sarcasm and the silent treatment are familiar.
  • Acting mean is more common than meaning well.
  • Proving you’re right and they’re wrong has become the point, sorting things out is lost in the past.
  • Conversations feel full of attacks and ambushes. It feels pointless or risky to say what you want so you stop saying much at all.
  • The relationship feels like it’s mostly about problems and they’re hard, maybe impossible to fix.

If you’re experiencing challenges in your relationship then we can help you get back on track. Schedule a 20-minute complimentary session today so we can give you insights on what the real problem is.

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