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Many couples opt to enter relationship counselling or couples therapy when they feel like their relationship is going through a rocky patch and they don’t know how to resolve their issues. If you are considering relationship counselling, you may want to start before your relationship gets to that rocky patch to avoid future heartache. Deal with issues that are starting to become a problem to ensure these issues don’t escalate out of control.

Here, we will talk about relationship counselling and perhaps more importantly, can counselling save a relationship?

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling or counseling for a husband wife relationship is to work with an experienced counsellor or relationship specialist to help solve relationship issues. A relationship specialist will act as a mediator between you and your partner and help you resolve your differences.

During counselling, you will both be asked to put your side of the story (your perspective) forward. You may think of this as a sort of ‘structured’ argument. The counsellor listens and then provides advice and insights to deal with the situation. A good relationship counsellor sees beyond the surface issues to help you deal with the real problems which may not be apparent at first.

We tend to be limited to our own perspective and by unresolved emotions which cloud our ability to see clearly. 

One of the jobs of the relationship counsellor will be to help you both see the issue from the other point of view. When you do this you will start moving forward with more ease. Most relationship issues occur because you find it difficult to see what your partner is thinking, or what motivates their actions. Many judgments are made due to incorrect perceptions!

Will Counselling Help Your Relationship?

Usually. However, some relationships may be beyond repair. This tends to happen when you have conflicting values, needs and desires and just aren’t compatible. Or if either of you are convinced the issue is with your partner and you are unwilling to make any changes.

If you make the decision to work together on your relationship it indicates there is something there worth saving. Getting relationship advice is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your life.

How to Make Sure Relationship Counselling Helps Your Relationship

Relationship counselling is more effective when both partners participate. However, there is still a lot you can achieve with personal counselling sessions.

Many partners blame their significant other for their relationship woes, when in fact, most of the “work” required is to change your own perspective and actions. This can have a very positive and long-lasting effect on all your relationships moving forward in life.

To get your relationship counselling to work, you need to take responsibility for the causes you are putting in place. Every cause has an effect. This means that every word, action (or lack of action) can affect the foundation of your relationship.

Most importantly, you need to know how to master your emotions. Being unable to control your emotions and therefore being emotionally over reactive, does a lot of damage to your relationship as it causes many unnecessary arguments.

By the time people enter relationship counselling, many have just about ‘given up’ on ever making the relationship work.

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Relationship Counselling for Yourself and Your Partner

We are confident that with the correct knowledge and techniques which we provide, you will soon remember why you were initially attracted to your partner. This naturally happens as you stop blaming each other and start working to restore the happiness you initially experienced.

The best relationship counselling will help you cross the emotional divide you accidentally created and restore confidence and ease in your ability to relate to each other.

We can promise you, if you are willing to put a bit of effort in, then our relationship counselling will be the right choice for you.  You will be surprised at just how many issues you will be able to resolve, for your personal happiness as well as your relationship.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session  today to gain real insights on the real problems.

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  1. Counselling is necessary if any couple is facing any type of relationship conflict. It motivates them to live for each other. Great Information you have shared!

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