Making your relationship work

How to make your relationship work ?

So you want your relationship to flourish? But what do you do? What gives you the best chance? Simply put, don’t keep the good parts of your relationship a secret. Make certain you’re aware of every enjoyable aspect yourself. Be sure to let your partner know what’s working.

love-relationshipsIt’s not just the thrilling, passionate moments, or the big dramatic decisions, though they have their place of course. It’s the ordinary, everyday tenderness, the ho hum sticking with it, the over lookable, take for granted gestures of compassion and good will that are so hard to live without.

There is an art to noticing what works and really appreciating it. If you’re interested in developing your skills, the relationship strategies in these links might be a good place to start.


Romance on a shoestring budget  

Romance calls for a personal involvement. So spend your time, not your money.

Handling financial pressures in relationships

Appreciating Your Relationship
Looking for what works is the first step. It’s at the heart of good will. If you assume the worst, you’re likely to find it.

Appreciating Your Relationship

Making Every Day Miracles
Every Day Miracles. Little acts of attention and consideration that put a spring in your step. There’s a knack to recognising them. Once you’ve got it you not only enjoy the ones that come your way, you can craft miracles that really light up your partner.

Making Every Day Miracles

When Your Glass is Half Full
Have you ever wondered how different your life might be if you spent more time enjoying the good times in relationships and less time chewing over the problems?

Good things in relationships

Building a ‘Good Relationship’ Story

What you pay attention to often influences what you experience. Here’s an approach to help you expand on the experiences you want in your relationship.

Good Relationship

Talking up the Good Stuff
Letting your partner know you like them is an often neglected strategy for strengthening your relationship. Here’s how.

Talking up the good stuff

Change-Friendly Relationships
Noticing your partner’s successes when they’re trying to change or learn something new is a great way to support them. Working together on change can be very effective.

Gang Up on Your Problems, Not Your Partner
Who would you rather have on your side, your partner or your ‘problem’? Collaborating might be your first step to fixing that problem for good.

Let the Good Times Roll
Getting skilled at handling the tricky bits in a relationship is useful, but is that what you’re having a relationship for? Relationships thrive on the moments of warmth and fun and caring your build up over time. So get on with it and Let the Good Times Roll.

Always Hardly Ever Is
Always and Never are some of the most difficult words you can throw at a relationship. ‘You ALWAYS do that’ is so big, so overwhelming, and probably, so untrue. Looking for times when always doesn’t happen can take your relationship someplace entirely new.

Exercising Good Will
What would happen if you deliberately set out to assume the best about people? Try it out. Would it change your attitude to your partner? You might be surprised. If it surprises your partner, you can be pretty sure the surprise will be a positive one.

Couples Managing Stress
It might take planning and co-operation to address the stress you both bring home. It definitely takes good will and a generous spirit.

Partners and Friends
Yes, it’s normal and reasonable to want friends outside your relationship. It’s usually good for your relationship to have outside friends. Sometimes it’s hard to find them.

Balancing Your Partnership and Friendships
What do you do if your partner’s friends offend you? Or maybe you feel uncomfortable about just how much your partner confides in them? Balancing these loyalties is an important way of taking care of your relationship.

Preserving Romance
Ahh, romance. It’s fantastic and it’s fleeting, and often you really miss the buzz it brings. When it goes, it can leave a bit of a question about how you move your relationship forward. You want it to satisfy you more, not leave you disappointed and feeling like you’re missing out on something. So how do you build on your romance?

Powerful Partners
Power is a given in relationships. It’s there. What you choose is how to approach it.

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