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Creating the Best Relationships for Life

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Relationships NZ is your place to get help in solving your relationship problems and challenges. We provide effective relationship strategies so you can quickly restore a sense of connection and ease when relating with others. Soon you will eradicate your relationship problems and restore satisfaction in this important area of your life.

If you are in a crisis situation, please go to for support.

Successful relationships and a satisfying life depend on your ability to be in charge of your emotions and thinking processes. Relationship, whether being with an intimate partner, friends, family or work colleagues can be the most enjoyable experiences, yet at times can be very challenging.

When you are feeling stressed, in a rush or a state of low energy, you could easily choose thoughts, words and actions you wouldn’t normally consider. This can lead to relationship breakdown and in turn, isolation and loneliness if you fail to get the relationship help and advice you need.

We’ve got your back moving forward from here. Read more about our Relationship Services help and support.