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Facts & theories about relationships

Facts & theories about relationships

Facts & theories about relationships

What makes the difference between a terrific relationship and a miserable one? Experienced couple counsellors share their wisdom. We have a look at what relationship researchers and writers can tell us.

About Relationships That Work

Couple disagreements are normal

Almost all couples (78%) experience some ongoing disagreements according to a survey conducted by Relationships Aotearoa. “Even in the happiest, longest lasting of relationships, couples disagree,” said Hilary Smith of Relationships Aotearoa. “And most people do learn to deal with them.”

Couple disagreements are normal

Good relationship important for satisfying sex

New Zealander’s relationships are thriving, and a satisfying sex life is an important contributor, according to a survey just released by Relationships Aotearoa. 67% of people said they were satisfied with the sexual aspects of their relationship, while 83% were satisfied with their relationship overall.

Relationship and Sex


Lend your Partner an Ear

“It makes such a difference when you really listen and hear what your partner is saying,” says Hal Kennedy, experienced Relationship Counsellor.

Listening to your partner

Relationships Survey

New Zealand couples are thriving, according to a nationwide survey by counselling agency Relationships Aotearoa Whakawhanaungatanga. The on-line survey of 1,000 New Zealanders, conducted by ACNielsen, shows 82% place very high importance on partner relationships and 64% find them very satisfying.

Relationships Survey

Relationships: Does Advice Help?

Everyone’s got an opinion about relationships, but does advice really help?

Relationship Advice

How ready are you for a committed relationship?

When you’re wondering whether your relationship is a good candidate for a long-term commitment there’s a lot to take into account. This checklist focuses on maturity in a number of different areas.

Committed Relationships

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