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Relationship Help for Couples

Need relationship help and support for you or you and your partner? The reality is that relationships break down from time to time. It’s easier to get expert help to fix your relationship rather than trying to do it yourselves.

In many cases you will try to fix your partner, when ultimately you first need to look at yourself. Are you blaming your partner for how you feel? All of your thoughts, words and actions will influence how you feel about yourself. These will also affect the way you feel and communicate with your partner.

Do any of these following statements sound like you?

“If you stop doing this I will be happy.”
“It’s not me, it’s you – you’re the one with the problem!”
“Why aren’t you hearing what I’m saying? You never listen to me!”
“You only care about…” (fill in blank)

These are among many of the common statements we say when we’re feeling emotionally triggered. However, as soon as you blame someone else for how you’re feeling, you give away your power to change the situation.

Acting from a place of being emotionally triggered is dangerous. This is because you both say and do things that later on you regret. This is when you overreact and become someone you don’t want to be.

You need to learn how to deal with emotions in the moment they’re triggered and empower your thinking process. Otherwise your thoughts, words and actions will continue to sabotage your relationships with others.

Relationship breakdown is one of the hardest challenges to bear. We can teach you the right knowledge and techniques to help save your relationship.

Need help to get your relationship or life sorted?

Petty arguments and disagreements can make you feel lonely and isolated in your relationship. Before you take any kind of drastic action, know that most communication issues can be resolved. Firstly, you need to understand how to deal with the emotions which are sabotaging your ability to relate.

When you are feeling triggered, you cannot think clearly. Nor can you hear clearly, or clearly articulate your thoughts or feelings. This is what causes communication to break down.

Before you can upgrade your relationship skills, you need to become in charge of your emotions!

Know that you are worthy and you deserve to enjoy happy and healthy relationships. We can help you restore your relationship happiness when you take action to end the problem.

Our clients usually see significant results within 3-6 sessions

Your relationships are your most valuable investments in life. It’s where you spend the most time and energy and where you get the most enjoyment and fulfillment. The common theme of relationship breakdown however, is your own self-sabotage of your happiness, primarily due to faulty subconscious programming. It’s not enough to give practices and band-aid solutions dependant on willpower so you are still vulnerable to the curve-balls that life throws you.

Real transformation in your life and relationships begins when you take back your power to create the life you want and be the person you are able to be without sabotaging your progress.

Stop playing snakes and ladders with your life, contact us today and take advantage of our special offer:

3x Session Package $350 (click link to pay in full and book your first session)
or $140 per session (click here to book and pay per session)

We provide effective relationship help and support calls via phone, or video conferencing (face-to-face consultations without any travel). Once you understand how to be in charge of your emotional triggers you will no longer have a compelling need to control others. Nor will you need to control the environment around you.

In a normal counselling session people forget what was said due to their emotional state and tend to not fully understand what has been discussed. We can record the audio from each session so you can go over your new strategies as needed.

Book a 20 minute complimentary strategy session for real insights on the real problems to clarify your direction.

If you are in a crisis situation, please call 0800 RELATE for immediate support.